A new age requires us to take responsibility: the healing truth

Our times are characterized by enormous social changes, changes that will be accompanied by new evolutionairy developments in the history of mankind. It involves, in fact, a purification, a healing in the lifes of all of us, not only of each individual, but also of each organization, each state. Everything needs to be balanced, orderly, and true – not only on the surface, but in the undercurrent as well.

What people nowadays need, is a high level of consciousness. Not in the sense of consciously – and often at the expense of others – making money and living the greedy life. True consciousness is obtained through a path of healing. At the end of this path, you will be united with your soul, you will be adapted to, and be ready for, the new age. You will find yourself in the stream of life, fully connected, able to fulfil the mission you were born for, the task your soul was chosen to do.

Everything is perfect the way it is, not only in beauty, but also in misery, reflecting the strength or the problem that hides itself in the undercurrent. The new age sheds light on anything that is wrong in ourselves, and in our companies, organizations, or states. Problems occur, issues with our health, money, relationships, or work. Each problem represents what is hiding in the undercurrent, remaining invisible for us. So our problems carry a message: we must act! This is unknown to us: by means of introspection, through taking responsibility for our life, we can actually heal and educate with the intention to live from our source of strength, our true being. You can let yourself be guided or inspired by other people, but only you can decide to start on the path of healing, trying to live in harmony with your true self.

Truth is a healing force: when there can be truth and the reality of this truth can be faced, then love starts flowing, and every step you take in this new reality makes it possible for your soul to connect more and more with your body. This is what we mean when we talk about consciousness.

Introspection is what we all need – for a complete unlocking of our soul, for making use of our inner source in order to develop ourselves. This path of introspection will lead to a fundamental change in our relationship with ourselves, with other people, and with our daily work, and it wil radically change our world view. Through this path we will achieve the goal for which we were born. We all have our specific mission, and this mission will reveal itself clearly if you go onto the path of healing, after which you can start fulfilling your destiny. This means living on a truly refined level, resulting in a life not only characterized by  involvement, responsibility and meaning, but also by being constantly aware of dissipation, love, peace, and social surroundings.

What about you? Did you already go onto the path of healing?

Are you already aware of the fact that you are the only person who can make a change in your life, who can heal you?

How is your health? Are you trying to make it better?

If you wish to face your problems, to make a start with healing yourself, we offer these forms of self-realization: