Beauté avec Allure

Beauty and Healing

The meeting point of inner and outer Beauty

An Brals

The face behind Beaute avec Allure

My name is An Brals. I started the Instituut Beauté avec Allure in 1990. I was trained as a beautician at the Instituut Ria de Korte in Amsterdam. Since 1980 I have been working as a beautician. I chose to work with with La Biosthétique, a French branch with very reliable and effective products, not only for hair, skin, body care, and cosmetics. Only those beauticians and hair stylists trained in the tradition of La Biosthétique are allowed to work with these products.


The essence of La Biosthétique lies in a profound expertise of skin and hair anatomy, making it possible to advise and counsel people on the basis of a profound knowlegde of products and treatments, with the objective to build and stabilize. The underlying principle is to treat clients like you would like to be treated yourself!

These two basic principles, as well as the high quality of the products, give me great pleasure to work in this field and make me love my profession.

The main part of my training took place in Paris. Through their extensive knowledge and passion for ‘la cosmétique’ the French gave me the opportunity to raise my education to a high level. I was also trained by Germans, who are reputed for their health resorts and their ability to ‘pamper’.


After a series of workshops in Paris and The Netherlands I began working with the microscope in 1995: I was capable to perform a profound analysis of skin and hair. To combine the analytical results to optimal effect with the treatment and the products, I have developed my own concept.

This clear concept, in which everything is linked up, leads to a very pleasing result, and also lets profundity and meaning play an essential part in the exercise of my duty.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in my field, I take courses three or four times a year. I try to incorporate the acquired knowledge into my daily practice.

If you want to know more about this concept, go to Beauty Treatments.

When you, as a client, dare to take the risk of falling, you will be carried.



Since 2002 I also offer my clients self-realization.
After experiencing myself what it is like to run up against personal problems and go the very core of your deeper self in order to recognize, acknowledge and solve these problems, I realized that the crux of life lies in the notion of living through loving yourself. Life is about joy and solidarity, and it is crucial to learn how to live from the heart, from the passions we all have. Openess, solidarity and passion are fundamental in my work as well, which makes it so inspiring and satisfying. My life and work have become an exciting journey! And I would love to convey this experience to my fellow human beings.