Beauté avec Allure

Beauty and Healing

The meeting point of inner and outer Beauty

Beauty Treatments

Implementing the concept: pampering and building

A treatment should be an experience!


Delightful lymphatic drainages, aromatherapies, energizing massages, all attuned to the needs of your skin and your specific lifstyle. While being treated, a very deep relaxation allows the skin to open itself like a flower. Everything starts flowing, making a thorough cleansing and hydration possible. This leads to a maximum effectiveness of daily skin care.

The treatment in the parlour and the daily skin care support each other: they are the building stones for a truly healthy skin.


Personal care, warmth and skill lay the foundations of a profound experience. In the parlour we try to achieve this by implementing our own concept.

  • At least  4 times a year a Beauté Treatment in the parlour. A frequency of 6 visits a year is ideal, more is of course possible. Besides this, one should apply milk, lotion, ethereal oil and cream twice a day.
  • Microscopic analysis.
  • Treatments attuned to personality and indivdual lifstyle.
  • Use of products in accordance to the actual needs of the skin


  • Sole use of la Biosthétique products. This is crucial for a good result. Each product has its own vibration, and only when all products are attuned to each other, we might have the optimal effect.
  • Following the chronobiology, or the internal clock of our skin. Applying the right product at the right time will result in an optimal effect. When picking the wrong moment, the product can only realize 60 percent of its potential.
  • Personal guidance. With every new bottle used in aromatherapy, for example, we will adjust the number of drops in the hydrating lotion to the physical condition of the client.