In May and June the skin cells renew themselves, while the hydration is in full progress and the keratinisation has actually slowed down: the ideal circumstances for our skin to realize its maximum beauty.

In springtime our skin achieves its rhytm by the effect of melatonin and androgen, as well as through the cycle of renewal which manifests itself in this period.

The hydration follows a path that corresponds with the development of the renewed cells, which are now in perfect condition and functioning flawlessly. At the same time, the diminishing of the keratinisation not only leads to a greater transparency of the complexion, but also to a new flexibility and fresh beauty of the skin. May and June are the only months of the year in which all the chronobiological conditions are being fulfilled, resulting in our skin’s shining natural beauty.

Now it is up to us to respond to this chronobiology with de right skin care.