What will happen to our skin in November and December?

In November and December the melatonin and androgen concentrations will return to their minimal levels. The production of keratin will be sharply reduced. The ceramides, the epidermis, and the hydrolipid film will start to show rather strong abnormalities. And in the basal layer of the epidermis the cellular replication will show a remarkable downward tendency.

The so-called fibroblasts can be found in het inner layer of the skin, or dermis. These cells are responsible for the renewal of the collagen and elastin. Also, the fibroblasts enhance the laminin and fibronectin, the biological glue that ensures a solid connection between te dermis and the epidermis.

The collagen and elastin will not be renewed when the fibroblasts have been destroyed by the ultraviolet rays of the summer sun; the free radicals and the fibrose have an open field and cause the skin to age rapidly.

The treatment Beauté avec Allure offers you in the autumn, will repair the damage that is being done, so that the skin can restore itself in a natural way to the state it was in before the summer started its destructive work.