Beauté avec Allure

Beauty and Healing

The meeting point of inner and outer Beauty

De Beauté Treatment

A treatment is a great experience

The Beauté Treatment is a treatment for face, neck, and low neckline. First, you may indulge in a ‘warm bath’ of delightful and very intense lymphatic drainages, completed with a very special eye massage.

In addition to this we offer a cleansing, toning, and peeling in order to make the skin as receptive as possible, thus letting the profoundly effective products have full play, such as the wonderful aromatherapies, the in-depth hydrating algo extracts treatments, or the treatments that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin; treatments that give your skin a healthy glow.

But before this we will microscopically examine and analyse your skin, to ensure we will treat it according to its particular needs. The crux of this treatmeant is relaxation.

Maximum relaxation will open your entire system (your body) like a flower: the Beauté Treatment becomes so to speak a cleansing and hydration of your body and spirit! On top of that your energy level will get a major boost!