Beauté avec Allure

Beauty and Healing

The meeting point of inner and outer Beauty

Individual Constellation

Healing and beyond: living from your strengh, harmony and joy

One can approach reality in a different way by organizing an individual constellation. Essential to such a constellation are the unconscious connections that we find in every circumstance.

To heal your problems and subsequently find your strength, you will need your individual truth. You will find this truth by revealing the dynamics behind the problem. Just finding one’s truth is already something people experience as a healing force.

The harmony is being restored, peace and order arise. Your truth gives order to the system, bringing you into touch with your inner strength and with the system’s power (your family tree, your ancestors) in stead of with your weakness.


The weakness reveals the problem

The strength represents harmony and joy in life

The family into which we are born, knows a system of memorizing that reaches beyond death. All unspoken events, taboos, undealt with traumas and forgotten people are part of this system and create a certain imbalance within ourselves.

Anyone who is born into a family, carries within himself only love, and with this love he unconsciously compensates – with his whole being and out of love for his family –  his family’s imbalance.

This imbalance reveals itself through physical defects, such as illness, having problems with decision making, having troublesome relationships with oneself or one’s partner, parents, children, family, or colleagues.