Beauté avec Allure

Beauty and Healing

The meeting point of inner and outer Beauty


Early detection and preventative treatment of aging.
Microscopy: Why?
Allows us to take a closer look at skin, hairs, and hair-roots.

What are the possibilities?

We can, for example, see and understand why there is a lack of moisture in the skin or why the skin looks dull, or why the hair is lifeless and nearly impossible to model.

What is its added value?

This crucial knowledge makes it possible to focus on the products and treatment that will specifically deal with your problems. Furthermore, it gives us the chance to offer a preventative treatment. Let’s suppose that our microscopic analysis reveals a weakness of the collagen and elastin — in an early stage, that is, for often the naked eye can make these observations only years after the problem itself reveals itself.

This knowlegde allows us to adapt our use of products and treatment at an early stage, thus preventing deep wrinkles en keeping the skin young and fresh.