Beauté avec Allure

Beauty and Healing

The meeting point of inner and outer Beauty


Inner peace, joy of living, and arriving at the soul’s destiny

Do you want to experience inner peace and rest, resulting in a better quality of life in all its dimensions? Self-realization is a very effective method of healing, with immediate results.

In an ever changing world, in which time seems to pass faster and faster, it is of great importance to maintain a deep connection with your inner self. This connection causes you to be firmly rooted,allowing you to live in an undisturbed inner peace and to arrive at your destiny.

At the basis of all forms of healing are the five medicines of the medicine wheel: When there can be truth, and the reality of that truth can be seen, then love can start flowing. This brings order and rythm to our lives, everything starts moving, and eventually you enter your own heart, home to your soul, consisting purely of truth and unconditional love.

Learning, understanding, setting your self free.

To achieve this, we offer:

Individual constellation
Life Alignment

  • For those who want to get rid of limitations or obstructions and want to live up to their full potential.
  • For those who are having problems with relationships, be it with themselves, their partner, their family, their friends, or their colleagues.
  • For those who want to get rid of anxiety, anger, grief, or jealousy.
  • For those who suffer from hyperventilation, or phobia like agoraphobia.
  • For those who are addicted to smoking, eating, drinking, gambling, or sex.
  • For those who feel rejected all the time.
  • For those who suffer from burnout.
  • For those who feel inferior.
  • For those who want more control over their lives.
  • For those who have it all but feel unhappy.
  • For those who want to live a life of total awareness.


Inner peace, joy of living, and arriving at the soul’s destiny

To what end?

Freedom in the broadest sense: you are happy and full of energy, and you are able to see and follow the course of life you were born for.
Living from a profound feeling of being connected and a great consciousness.

A new ability to experience involvement, because you now control your own emotional being.
A deep inner development allows you to lead a refined life and to enjoy other dimensions that enrichen your life.
A consciously developed individual is at the same time an assertive individual, because he can see clearly what belongs to him and what belongs to the other, as a result of which he can easily take responsibility for his actions. This way, his life becomes orderly, clear, calm, and comfortable.